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HairTG-Hair & Fur

Procedural & Scriptable Realtime Hair

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In the beginning...

HairTG-Hair & Fur started the HairTG line and is the first Hair Card tool we released. It evolved over the years with an increased amount of features, including a fully scriptable hair texture design process, usage through macro commands and Python integration.

If you are new to the HairTG Hair Card tools, we recommend HairTG-Cards which is starting on new, simpler bases, with many presets and support for both Substance 3D Painter and Designer.

The main features of HairTG-Hair & Fur:

  • Hair Card Material - Procedural Hair Card material generation in Substance 3D Designer.
  • Hair Card Geometry - A Blender add-on associating hair card geometry to Blender curves and more.
  • Samples - 3 full hair model + textures samples are included.
  • Macros - A Macro system, based on natural language, enables to chain commands to drive the generation of hair material in Designer.
  • Python Scripting - Integrates with the Python API of Designer enabling to generate hair material from scripting.

Material for Hair Cards

The main purpose of HairTG-Hair & Fur is the procedural generation of hair/fur material for Hair Cards, in Substance 3D Designer. It lets you create each hair model independently and assemble them into a final set of textures, usable in any PBR renderer/game engine.

  • Procedural - The hair textures can be rendered at any resolution and their editing is not destructive.
  • Hair Styles - Many hair styles may be generated: straight, wavy, curly etc. You may even generate braids, ropes materials and more.
  • PBR - Outputs the typical set of PBR maps, including extra maps such as Flow/Directions.
  • Tiling - The Tiler component enables to assemble individual hair textures into a final large one.

Hair Cards in Blender

HairTG-Hair & Fur comes with a Blender 3D add-on providing various utilities to help with the layout of Hair Cards. It may be used along the texturing tools or independently.

  • Hair Cards and Curves - The add-on enables to associate hair card planes to curves. Groom or distort the curve, the associated hair card follows.
  • Auto UV - The add-on automatically generates UVs for your hair cards based on any provided hair card texture layout. It also has a "random UVs" feature.
  • Hair Card Preparation - The add-on enables to shape the hair cards in various ways (bend, fold etc.) as well as combine them so they do not have a flat aspect.
  • Resusable & non destructive - The add-on presents a workflow based on collection processing. It makes it possible to go back to a previous step and either reuse it or modify its processing.

Samples & Tutorials

HairTG-Hair & Fur comes with 3 full samples (hair cards + textures) as well as various examples. A full suite of tutorials is also included for both the texturing and modeling parts.

Macros & Scripting

HairTG-Hair & Fur opens a console in Designer where you may write commands in natural language (English). These enable to control every parameter of the hair, either for one or multiple textures at once. These commands may also be batched into text files, and replayed as Macros. All this is also available from the Designer's Python API.

  • Natural Language Commands - Write your commands in plain English! The vocabulary has its limitations but supports dozens of words.
  • Macros - Save commands into a file and they appear in a Designer menu to recall at any time. This way you may edit several hair attributes on multiple models at once, just invoking a menu.
  • Scripting - The Macro language integrates with Designer's Python scripting abilities. This way, you may create or control a whole set of textures from scripting, ideal to batch generate various hair styles automatically.
Natural Language Example

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