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Shapes & Masks

ES-Shape enables to create procedurally arbitrary shapes and masks in Substance 3D Designer. Whether based on curves or straight lines, its wide amount of features make it easy to create shapes in Designer.

  • Shapes - Design various shapes using sets of curves or segments to position through a variable number of control points. Shapes may be automatically closed and filled on demand.
  • 2D Control Points - Curves and segments are positioned using Control Points directly accessed with the mouse in the texture view.
  • Components - Each shape node supports up to 5 drawing components, which may have specific properties, totalling up to 50 control points.
  • Modulations - Four modulation types (Wave, Square, Triangle, Arcade) generating repeating deformations along curves, enabling extensive shaping possibilities.
  • Symmetry - Horizontal, vertical mirror, or both.
  • Auto-Close - The first and last Control Points of a shape may be automatically joined to easily create closed shapes.
  • Profiles - Thickness and Luminosity profiles enable to vary their respective properties along the length of curves.

ES-Shape is free for evaluation and Personal Use, check the links below to try it!

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