HairTG – Hair & Fur is a procedural hair/fur texture generator running on Substance Designer whose textures can be used for hair cards , brushes and 2D hair works. It supports various types of hair styles such as straight hair, wavy, curly and braids and outputs tiled PBR (Physical Based Rendering) maps.


  • Hair and fur clump procedural texture generation suitable for hair cards and illustrations with various controls over shaping, density, length, grouping, coloring and depth aspects.
  • Supports various types of hair styles such as straight, wavy, curly (small and large curls), buns and braids.
  • Outputs 7 base PBR maps from which can be derived other maps as needed: Mask, Alpha, ID (grayscale and color), Depth (Height), Flow (Direction), Gradient Ramp (Root map) and Color. Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps can be derived from the Depth map.
  • Provides tools to tile (assemble) hair clump textures into a composite texture to be used in game engines, 3D modelers or renderers.
  • Advanced configuration of the depth aspect of hair clumps using a dedicated component.
  • Powerful coloration features with two color modes which can be combined.
  • Provided with multiple Templates (startup files), Samples (design examples) and Presets (predefined Substance parameters) for quick start ups and learning.
  • Comprehensive video tutorial series (4 hours long) going through each feature in details as well as example designs.


  • Create various hair style textures, straight hair, wavy, curly and braids as well as designs not related to hair, suitable for 2D and 3D applications in particular hair/fur cards.
  • Templates (startup files), Samples (design examples) and Presets (predefined Substance parameters) for quick start ups.
  • A 80 pages illustrated User Manual guiding you through parameters and usages. A Getting Started section will have you set up with a hair design even if you are new to Substance Designer.
  • Three user interface display modes: Basic, Limited and Full controls, enabling users to progressively learn about the various parameters of the tools.
  • Outputs Mask, Alpha, ID (grayscale and color), Depth (Height), Flow (Direction), Gradient Ramp (Root map) and Color maps which can be tiled into global textures with provided tiling components. Normal/Ambient Occlusion maps may be derived from the Depth map if needed. 16 bits outputs for Depth/Alpha/ID maps.
  • Automatic variations generation by simply changing a randomness setting.
  • Two colorization modes, Group and Length provide hair coloring per hair group and along the hair length, they can also be combined with various blend modes.
  • Support for up to 10 parent hair strands from which an unlimited(*) number of child strands can be generated, globally or per parent strand. Parent strands can be individually positioned and rotated within the clump along with their related strands.
  • Up to 10 vertical control points from which strands can be curved and manipulated in various ways (taper, spread, rotate etc.).
  • Subdivisions provide grouping abilities, they are unlimited(*) strands each parent or child strand can generate to thicken hair sections. Parameters to create stray strands are also provided.
  • Freestyle enables placement of control points directly on the 2D view to create the most curvy shapes such as hair buns.
  • Tiler (per map type) and Global Tiler (all maps) take hair clump maps and position them into composite textures ready to be used in game engine, 3D modelers or renderers.
  • Hair strand thickness control independently at root and tip, with midpoint and three variation types.
  • Independent, automatic depth profile generation, modifiable with Substance Designer nodes before plugging into he hair generator. Depth profiles can be visualized as curves, users can also provide their own profiles.
  • Hair strand length controls in various ways including random factors.
  • A powerful modulation section to create wavy, curly hair and braids, but also cordage and other types of creative designs.
  • Child hair strands combing for the whole clump or partially.
  • Root and tip fade effects application to several maps.
  • Strand thickness for Mask and related maps can be adjusted.
  • Four default patterns and possibility to use custom patterns, grayscale or color.
  • Various pattern configuration settings: number of iterations, size, dynamic size, automatic rotation, depth control.
  • Utility output with optional overlay of control point numbers.

(*) unlimited in the user interface, limitation from the hardware or Substance runtime may apply.

Tutorial videos

4 hours of tutorial videos so you’ll know everything about Hair & Fur!

HairTG – Hair & Fur is available on the following stores:

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