HairTG Tools

Hair, Fur and Feather procedural texture generators for real-time 3D, 2D works and illustration

HairTG - Surface, Hair Edition

HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition for Substance 3D Painter & Designer is a procedural PBR hair texture generator for hair, facial hair and fur.

HairTG - Surface, Feather Edition

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance 3D Designer is a procedural PBR feather texture generator which may be used in 3D engines/renderers as well as 2D/illustration.

HairTG - Hair & Fur

HairTG – Hair & Fur for Substance Designer and Blender is a procedural PBR texture generator for realtime hair for Substance Designer and hair card add-on for Blender.

Ready-made Hair Assets

Check out the high quality hair assets available from third party vendors using HairTG tools.









Hair Edition

Grow hair on any surface such as scalp, beard, fur, torso and locally control the hair shape, orientation, length and various other properties using both parameters and paint maps directly inside Substance Painter.

Facial Hair Edition

Facial hair parametric decals for eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache and goatee designs to procedurally modify with dozens of parameters inside Substance Painter. The Extended version also lets you create you own designs inside Substance Designer and build the Painter components. 







Feather Design

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer lets you design feathers with many controls over their shape, 3D aspect and colors.

  • 2D shaping controls at various levels: whole feather, per vane, barb organization inside the vane.
  • Controls through parameters and curves enabling variations along the feather’s length.
  • Various coloring methods, including per barb component and overlay.
  • Barbula simulation (thinner barb components).
  • 3D curvature control at the feather and vane levels.

Learning resources

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer comes with many examples and learning resources:

  • 12 individual feather examples (+ variations).
  • Texture combination (tiling) examples.
  • Feather cover example.
  • 2h+ tutorial videos in 4 parts.
  • User and Reference manuals.
  • Discord support server.


PBR and Illustration

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer generates textures for both PBR (Physical Based Rendering) and illustration:

  • PBR Outputs: Mask, Alpha, Height, Color, Flow, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion.
  • Art Outputs: grayscale and color output specific for 2D works/illustration with various presentation modes.

Tiling Tools

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer includes utilities to assemble feathers into larger textures so they can be efficiently integrated in game engines and renderers.








HairTG – Hair & Fur for Substance Designer and Blender is a suite of tools covering the entire real-time, hair card based creation workflow, from texturing to 3D composition. It is both a powerful texturing generation tool for Substance Designer and a Blender add-on to help with 3D hair card management. On Substance Designer, it creates procedural, PBR hair/fur textures over a non-destructive workflow suitable for hair cards, brushes or 2D hair works. The Blender 2.8 add-on offers multiple tools to ease creation of hair card based 3D hair models, hair card UV unwrap, modeling and composition.

Hair Texturing Powerhouse

HairTG – Hair & Fur for Substance Designer and Blender covers the whole hair card creation workflow, from texture creation in Substance Designer to 3D card set up in Blender. With dozens on controls, hair component levels and automation capabilities, HairTG – Hair & Fur for Substance Designer lets you design many types of hair style such as straight, wavy, curly and braids in a modular, reusable way.

PBR Textures

HairTG – Hair & Fur for Substance Designer generates the following PBR (Physical Based Rendering) textures; Mask, Alpha, ID (Grayscale and Color), Depth (Height), Color, Flow (Direction), Gradient (Root), Normal, Ambient Occlusion.

Tiling Tools

HairTG Hair & Fur for Substance Designer includes tools to assemble hair textures into larger textures for optimal usage in game engines and renderers.

Commands & Automation

Natural language commands let you create complex designs with only a few words. Commands may be grouped into macros and executed at any time enabling modular design. A dedicated Python API lets you generate designs and export the resulting textures automatically!

Bender Add-on

The add-on for Blender 2.8+ completes the hair card creation workflow with seamless integration into Blender, leveraging its hair grooming capabilities along with the following features:

  • Automatic hair card UV unwrapping.
  • Hair card folding and combining.
  • Hair card association to hair particle grooming, enabling to set up an initial grooming using native Blender tools, then refining it using Blender curves.



Substance Designer plugin


Speed-up Your Workflow

ParamCopy for Substance Designer is a plugin letting you copy/paste parameter values between nodes of the same type but also of different types in certain conditions. Replicating settings from one node into many others with a few clicks can sometimes be a real-time saver!

ParamCopy also lets you update the random seed of a selection of nodes, generating a different variation of your graph by updating only specific nodes.

Store/Recall Node States

ParamCopy lets you store in memory (i.e. non-persistently) the state of a selection a nodes and recall it later. Multiple states can be stored this way letting you alternate between various configurations of your graph with a few clicks. A great way to test variations and demo the capabilities of your graph without the need to set up high level graph parameters and presets!

Companion of HairTG Tools

Even though ParamCopy works with any Substance Designer graph, it is especially useful with HairTG tools to replicate parameters between HairTG instances. For example, in a set of textures working together in the same set, change some properties into one instance and quickly replicate them into all the others of the same set!


Global Search

Substance Designer plugin


Search Graphs and Folders

Global Search for Substance Designer is a plugin extending the search capabilities of Substance Designer. Terms may be searched into multiple graphs at a time as well as descending into folders and functions, including Package level functions.

Search Functions

Global Search for Substance Designer lets you search terms into multiple package functions at a time, can be an invaluable tool to find compile errors in such functions as well as the location of specific functionalities in complex projects.


Global Search displays search results as a tree view or a list view. Search result rows can be clicked and a new search may be started from them, the node ID they refer to is also provided so you may find it in the graph using the regular Substance Designer search feature.

Configuration and Presets

Configure the search method, natural (“contains”) or exact terms with optional wildcards, case sensitive or not. You may also configure the type of containers to search into.

Global Search also features a Search History and Presets. For example you may find all the nodes overriding parameters with functions in your graph, or create a TODO list using comments and GlobalSearch will list the items left to work on.