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Parametric Material

ES-Drips is a parametric PBR material generating drip-based designs for Substance 3D hosts, including Blender 3D with the Substance 3D add-on. With an extensive set of parameters and host support, ES-Drips enables to create simple as well as complex and custom designs.

  • Highly Configurable - Extensive drip configuration parameters such as: length, thickness, height, shape, position, distortion, in-between drip filler styles, layering, etc.
  • Decal-Ready - Decal-specific options to easily use the material as a decal such as Top Shaping with control points, sides control etc.
  • Layers - Layering effect to simulate thick layers distorting down to the drips.
  • Top Shaping - Use Control Points in the 2D view to shape the top of the drips design.
  • Host Support - Dedicated support for Substance 3D Painter, Designer, Sampler, Stager and Blender 3D (generic support for other Substance 3D hosts).
  • Tutorials - Video tutorials covering all features and dedicated hosts.

Highly Configurable

Whether you're after a simple of more advanced design, ES-Drips lets you configure various aspect of your design:

  • Drips - Drip parameters include: length, distribution, amount, variable length, various random factors, thickness shaping along their length, distortion etc.
  • Shaping - Drips may be shaped in three different ways: Automaic, Free Shaping (using Control Points) and External Curve.
  • Gap Fillers - Gaps in-between drips may be filled-in with various styles and design options.
  • Layers - Optional Layers may be used to simulate matter accumulation above the drips. They may be distorted towards the drips.
  • Edge Bulge - The edge of the design may optionally be bulgy to simulate matter accumulation, with a higher bulge level going downwards.
  • Tileable - The material is horizontally tile-able (unless Top Shaping is being used).
  • Top Shaping - Enables to shape the top of the design with control points, to create patches which may be used independently.
  • Surface Noise - Set up Surface Noise for various matter effects.
  • Secondary Drips - Secondary drips with specific attributes may be generated to supplement primary drips. Designs may also be combined to generate a new one.
  • Extended - An Extended version of ES-Drips is available for Substance 3D Designer users with even more diverse and finer controls (190+ parameters).


ES-Drips works in any supporting Substance 3D host, however they often have specificities in their support of Substances. This is why ES-Drips comes with several variants and tutorials dedicated to specific hosts:

  • Substance 3D Painter - Support for Decals and Generators.
  • Substance 3D Sampler - Support for Top Shaping with Control Points in the 2D view.
  • Substance 3D Stager - Parameters adjusted for Stager.
  • Substance 3D Designer - Two variants: the regular ES-Drips and an Extended version with more fine-tuning parameters. Also comes with graph examples.
  • Blender 3D - Using the Substance 3D add-on, Blender is a perfect host for ES-Drips!
  • Other Hosts - A generic variant is provided for other Substance 3D hosts.


The included video tutorials cover the common features as well as the specifies of each dedicated host (one video per host).

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