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Feathers, In Detail

HairTG-Feather generates feather textures for 3D or Illustration in Substance 3D Designer. It enables to design a large variety of feather types and shapes, with precise control over many of their properties.

  • PBR Material / Illustration - Whether used as a PBR material or for Illustration, HairTG-Feather enables several output types to address them all.
  • Shaping - A host of pamaraters and curve-based controls enable to create complex, realistic or stylized designs.
  • Procedural - Feathers are procedurally generated, meaning they are resolution-independent and may be modified non-destrcutively.
  • Afterfeather - thinner and disordered barb simulation at the bottom of the vane (or anywhere else).
  • Inner Barb Shaping - Hair within the barb may be shaped through 4 different inflexion points.
HairTG-Feather Vocabulary
  • Barb Distribution - Hair distribution in the barb may be controled at several levels, enabling to increase or lower the density locally and per vane.
  • Advanced Coloring - Several coloring modes are available, for the whole feather or along the hair length.
  • Samples - 12 individual feather examples explore the many possibilites of HairTG-Feather, you may use them to learn the tool or as a starting point for your own work.
  • Feather Assembly - Samples demonstrate how to create feather assemblies to cover body parts for example.
  • Tutorials - The included video tutorials cover the creation of a feather from scratch as well as a tour of the samples and examples.

PBR Ready

For usage in 3D, HairTG-Feather generates a full set of PBR maps you may simply use on a plane geometry, with optional displacement.

PBR Maps

Illustration Ready

HairTG-Feather may be used for 2D Illustration purpose without any connection to 3D. The dedicated Art outputs provide various illustration compatible outputs, grayscale or colored.

PBR Outpouts

Feather Cover

Feather cover tileable textures may be generated automatically, to use on bird body for example. HairTG-Feather includes such an example of cover generation.

PBR Outpouts


Video tutorials (2h+) and manuals detail the concepts and guide you through all the steps to create your own feathers.

PBR Outpouts

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