HairTG-Facial Hair

Procedurally Generated Facial Hair

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Parametric Facial Hair

A collection of procedurally generated, parametric facial hair decals: eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, goatee to use in Substance 3D Painter.

  • Quick & Simple - Provided as parametric decals for Painter, just drag&drop the decal on the mesh, position/size/rotate it and it is ready to use.
  • Presets - A collection of eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, goatee presets modifyable procedurally with dozens of parameters.
  • Procedural - Resolution independent, non-destructive modifications, random variations.
  • PBR Material - HairTG-Facial Hair outputs the traditional PBR maps to associate to your 3D texturing pipleline.
  • Guided - Video tutorial and manuals to get you started and cover all the features of the tool.

Facial Hair parametric material, drag & drop on the model and customize with dozens of parameters

Thousands Of Variants Per Preset

As HairTG-Facial Hair is procedural, a single preset may be altered with dozens of parameters to generate thousands of variations, some examples below:

Variations around presets
Variations around presets


HairTG-Facial Hair comes with a collection of presets, each of them being highly modifyable procedurally with dozens of parameters.

  • Eyebrows - 10 presets
  • Eyelashes - 5 presets
  • Mustache - 6 presets
  • Goatee - 3 presets
Preset designs


Tutorial video demonstrat step by step, in Substance 3D Painter, the usage of each type of facial hair and well as coloring and effects such as optional cuts on the eyebrows.

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