Hair TG – Surface, Hair Edition Extended

for Substance 3D Painter & Designer

Contains both the Hair and Facial Hair editions plus the ability to create your own facial hair designs under Designer and generate the Painter components.

Hair TG – Surface, Hair Edition

for Substance 3D Painter

Grow hair procedurally on any surface such as scalp, beard, fur, torso etc. in Painter with dozens of parameters.

Procedural eyebrow, eyelashes, mustache, goatee base designs to modify in Painter with dozens of parameters. Free demo version here.

Hair TG – Surface, Feather Edition

for Substance 3D Designer

Procedural feather texture generator.

Hair TG – Hair & Fur

for Substance 3D Designer and Blender

Procedural hair/fur texture generator and hair card manager.

Non-commercial version of HairTG – Surface, Facial Hair Edition limited to a single design in the following categories: eyebrow, eyelashes, mustache.


for Substance 3D Designer

Substance Designer plugin to copy/paste parameters between nodes as well as store/recall their states.

Global Search

for Substance 3D Designer

Extends term searching capabilities of Substance Designer.

The Plates Creek

for Unreal Engine

Maritime photogrammetry-based asset pack for Unreal Engine.