HairTG – Strand 2.1 released

HairTG – Strand has been updated to the Hair & Fur 2.1 core inheriting most of its functions except those related to multiple strands. And of course, it is still free!

You can get HairTG – Strand 2.1 at the following stores:

Major new features in 2.1

  • A powerful Modulation section with Sine and triangle based modulation functions, frequency and amplitude settings including randomization options, frequency modulation, amplitude fade, multiple types of sine-based modulation etc.
  • Three parameter display modes, Basic, Limited and Full Controls enabling users to progressively get familiar with the functionalities.
  • Colorization features to colorize the strand along its lengths in various ways.
  • Depth Profile management is now handled as an independent Substance, leaving users the possibility to modify depth profile textures before passing them to Strand.
  • Four default patterns and dynamic pattern sizing enabling to reduce the iteration count and drive various effects such as fluff.
  • The Flow map generation has been improved regarding accuracy and edge management. It is also possible to generate a background for it, either solid or using dilation.
  • The Utility output can now display any map with an optional overlay showing control point locations (control point overlay requires usage of a single parent strand).
  • User Manual update, easier to get into and containing many illustrations.

Please see this post for an overview of Strand features.

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