HairTG – Hair & Fur 2.6 released!

The 2.6 update of HairTG – Hair & Fur has just been released! This is an update to the texturing side with major new features in the Substance Designer plugin focused on making the workflow more efficient and automated.

Natural language commands

Want to create curly hair? Just click in the new Hair & Fur Console and type create curly hair. Shaping them as a slight S? Type shape as slight S. Or maybe in circle? type shape O. Less hair? type reduce hair by 50%.

With 250+ recognized terms and 30+ command categories, natural language commands let you quickly and intuitively create base designs that can then be tweaked more finely using parameter controls. They also provide read/write access to every single parameter of Hair & Fur instances.

Meta-commands using command files

Not only natural language commands can be typed into the Hair & Fur Console, they can also be gathered into text files to create meta-commands. These can then be called from either the console or menus, enabling to set up Hair & Fur instances with certain properties. A single meta-command can turn a design into stylized hair, or straight hair into a specific type of curly hair, whatever Hair & Fur parameters provide in terms of control can be brought into meta-commands.

Meta-commands let you set up a modular library of design properties you may then combine to create complete designs. They can also be used to demonstrate variations around a given design and applied from menus without any knowledge of the hair tool.

Texture creation automation with Python scripting

A simple Hair & Fur Python API lets you send commands to Hair & Fur instances from Python scripts. The system leverages the Substance Designer Python support, your scripts are managed and run from within the context of the Hair & Fur plugin so you don’t have to create a plugin yourself nor use the Substance Designer Python API.

As demonstrated with the auto_variations sample provided in the package, you can this way fully create texture sets from script, generate and export many variations of them.

New tutorials

Finally, this update comes with the free 3-part Commands tutorial:

  • Part A: a workflow using commands, command files and parameter controls.
  • Part B: review of all the available commands in version 2.6
  • Part C: Python scripting

HairTG – Hair & Fur 2.6 is a free update to current Hair & Fur customers (requires Substance Designer 2019.3 or above).

Pricing update on June 1st

HairTG – Hair & Fur development was started a little more than a year ago and has grown steadily over the months up to covering a full real-time hair creation workflow, from procedural texture generation supporting many hair styles, output maps and unique features under Substance Designer to hair card management in Blender 2.8. The just-released 2.6 version added natural language commands, meta-commands and command control from Python scripts so you may create libraries of design properties, assemble them to create full designs up to fully automate texture generation. Over 150 pages of documentation, many hours of tutorials in various areas, perpetual licenses and free updates have been provided. The pricing of HairTG – Hair & Fur hasn’t changed during that time but its feature set evolved so much since its first iterations I feel the current pricing doesn’t reflect its value anymore. So, starting June 1st, a new pricing will take place:

  • Personal license (single seat, non-commercial): current pricing: $18, pricing from June 1st on: $30
  • Indie license (single seat, under $100K revenue/year): current pricing: $28, pricing from June 1st on: $60
  • Studio license (single seat, over $100K revenue/year): current pricing: $60, pricing from June 1st on: $120

I’m letting you know in advance so, if you wish, you may purchase HairTG – Hair & Fur at the current pricing before the change. If you purchased a license and wish to upgrade to a new one, this is possible please contact us. Also, if you need this tool but cannot afford it at that time, you may contact us and we’ll try to help.

We also recently set up a Discord server which is a great place to ask questions, give feedback, get support and share your work, so feel free to join!

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