HairTG – Hair Clump Tool 1.2.1 update

The Hair Clump Tool just got a small update, version 1.2.1. Here are the release notes:

  • Updated all graphs to Substance Designer 2019.1.0: make sure to use this version to open the sbs demo files (sbsars are still compatible with the previous version).
  • HairTG – Tiler template graph has been rebuilt for better organization and performance. There are now visualization nodes at each output of each hair clump as well as resolution reduction before entering into the Tiler nodes which greatly improves performance of the latter. The new graph also outputs a Normal map if needed.
  • All sbsars have now proper icons for showing up into the Library.
  • Tiler packages have been updated so the graph contained into the sbsar package can now be dragged from the Library into a user graph.
  • Documentation update, in particular regarding the new Tiler sample graph.

You can grab the update at the following stores:

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