HairTG – Surface
Feather Edition

for Substance Designer

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition is a procedural feather texture generator for 
Substance Designer. It generates PBR (Physical Based Rendering) textures for game
engines or renderers as well as outputs which may be used in 2D works/illustration.

Feather Design

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer lets you design feathers with many controls over their shape, 3D aspect and colors.

  • 2D shaping controls at various levels: whole feather, per vane, barb organization inside the vane.
  • Controls through parameters and curves enabling variations along the feather’s length.
  • Various coloring methods, including per barb component and overlay.
  • Barbula simulation (thinner barb components).
  • 3D curvature control at the feather and vane levels.

Learning resources

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer comes with many examples and learning resources:

  • 12 individual feather examples (+ variations).
  • Texture combination (tiling) examples.
  • Feather cover example.
  • 2h+ tutorial videos in 4 parts.
  • User and Reference manuals.
  • Discord support server.


PBR and Illustration

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer generates textures for both PBR (Physical Based Rendering) and illustration:

  • PBR Outputs: Mask, Alpha, Height, Color, Flow, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion.
  • Art Outputs: grayscale and color output specific for 2D works/illustration with various presentation modes.

Tiling Tools

HairTG – Surface, Feather Edition for Substance Designer includes utilities to assemble feathers into larger textures so they can be efficiently integrated in game engines and renderers.

Main Features

  • Generation of procedural PBR (Physical Based Rendering) feather textures of variable shape, density, color and many other configurable aspects.
  • Extensive shaping controls at the feather, barb and shaft levels.
  • Curve support enabling to vary parameter values along the length of the feather or the barb (up to 19 parameters per vane may be driven by curves).
  • Simulation of the afterfeather section (thin hair/barbula at the bottom of the feather) with curve-driven break-up within barb components.
  • Handling of break-up sections inside the vane’s barb using curves.
  • Outputs the following PBR maps: Mask, Alpha, Depth (Height), Color, Flow (Direction), Normal, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion up to 8K in resolution.
  • Outputs Grayscale and Color Art maps suitable for 2D/illustration purpose, each of them supporting multiple display modes.
  • Per-vane properties so each vane may have a different shape/color etc. Some properties are also common to both vanes.
  • The overall 2D curvature of the feather can be designed in the 2D view using control points.
  • Multiple colorization modes, including per barb component and vane overlays.
  • Configurable shaft thickness, height and coloring.
  • Vane and feather 3D aspect configurable with depth profiles.
  • Tiling tools to assemble feathers into single large textures.
  • 2D and 3D renders inside Substance Designer.