Hair TG – Strand

for Substance Designer

HairTG – Strand for Substance Designer is a free, limited version of  Hair TG – Hair & Fur supporting a single hair strand.

Main Features

  • Drawing of a single strand, pattern based, to be positioned with 10 movable control points into the 2D view of Substance Designer.
  • Outputs Mask, Alpha, ID, Depth, Color, Flow (with oriented background), Gradient Ramp maps.
  • Strand thickness control independently at root and tip, with midpoint and three variation types: Linear, Cosine and Xn (n configurable).
  • Support for automatic and user-provided depth profiles (to generate the Depth map).
  • Automatic depth profiles are controlled by frequency (number of variations) and a random amplitude amount. Depth profile can be visualized as a curve to ease their design.
  • The strand start/end/height is configurable.
  • A powerful Modulation section with Sine and triangle based modulation functions, frequency and amplitude settings including randomization options, frequency modulation, amplitude fade, multiple types of sine-based modulation etc.
  • A fade effect (Alpha and Color outputs) can be applied to the strand’s root and tip. The fade amounts for root and tip are configurable as well as the position of a midpoint separating the two. The fading effect also has a controllable randomization factor so all strands may not fade at the same location.
  • Strand thickness for Mask, ID and Flow maps can be adjusted.
  • Utility to visualize Flow map directions with a choice of two direction patterns and 5 sizes.
  • Grayscale and color custom patterns are supported for drawing strands in addition to a default grayscale pattern.
  • Pattern iteration count per curve part is configurable.
  • Pattern can be rotated function of the curve flow and dynamically sized.