Transport is a MIDI controller part of eyoControl. It represents a transport bar from which DAW basic playing/recording operations can be initiated and monitored.

  • large timecode display, supporting multiple timecode formats and state indicators.
  • large Play/Stop/Record/Fast Forward/Rewind buttons.
  • a BIG, accurate scrub wheel, with associated scrub button.
  • landscape and portrait orientations (lockable).
  • enable/disable loop mode.
  • mark beginning and end of loops(*).
  • set/clear/undo markers and navigate over them (prev/next)(*).
  • VoiceOver support.
  • compatible with the Mackie Control Protocol.

Setting up


  • Play/Stop/Rec/Ff/Rew: respectively intitiate playing/stopping/recording/fast forward/rewind in song.
  • Wheel: use the wheel to move the current cursor position in song.
  • Scrub: when enabled, the DAW software plays parts of the song browsed over by the wheel.
  • TC/Beats: switch LCD timecode display between SMPTE and Bar/Beats.
  • Set (*): insert a marker at current position.
  • Clear (*): clear marker at current position.
  • Undo (*): undo the last marker operation.
  • Next/Prev (*): position song cursor to the next/previous marker.
  • Loop: enable/disable Loop mode.
  • In (*): set beginning of loop to current cursor position in song.
  • Out (*): set the end of loop to current cursor position in song.

(*) may not be functional with every DAW software. Fully supported with Logic.

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