Surface is a MIDI controller part of eyoControl. It is a control surface interacting with your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) compatible with the Mackie Control Protocol. Surface as the following features:

  • Mixer and Panel views: the Mixer View presents a traditional mixing console view, with per-track faders/knobs/buttons. The Panel view enables fast navigation between 96 tracks by groups of 8 tracks, from where tracks can be muted/soloed…
  • Toggle the following modes for each track: mute/solo/select/record (both Mixer and Panel views).
  • Faders to control track volume + master fader (support depends on DAW type) (Mixer view).
  • Knobs to control track panning (Mixer View).
  • Multi-touch (move several faders simultaneously).
  • Support for VoiceOver.
  • Automated Flip between Track and Pan modes by tapping on faders or panning knobs (Mixer View).
  • Access an unlimited number of tracks by banks of 8 (Mixer view).
  • Support for both Landscape and Portrait orientations.
  • Real-time updating of fader/pan/states as communicated by DAW.
  • Meter display with peak levels (Mixer view).
  • Display of track names and various textual content sent by the DAW (LCD display) (both Mixer and Panel views).
  • Transport bar with play/stop/forward/back/record functions (both Mixer and Panel views).
  • SMPTE and Bar/Beats timecode display (Mixer and Panel views, support depends on DAW type).
  • Jog wheel with Scrub mode.
  • 4-directions arrow buttons/zoom.

Setting up

Mixer View

The Mixer view presents a traditional mixing console view with 8 tracks representing one track bank, and a master fader (support depends on DAW). Use the Next Bank/Prev Bank buttons or a one-finger left/right swipe gesture on the fader structures to switch to a different bank.

Each track shows a meter display showing the current level of a track while playing, and a red light for peak level.

Surface uses the Flip functionality to switch between Track and Pan modes. Tapping on a fader structure or fader button will automatically switch Surface to Track mode, whereas tapping on a pan knob will switch to Pan mode. Track and Pan modes are mutually exclusive, you will be able to control only one of them at a time. Also, the DAW will send information to either faders or pan knobs function of the current mode. Several faders can be moved simultaneously (multi-touch).

Each track can be selected/muted/soloed/set into record mode using the appropriate button.

The transport bar has standard back/forward/stop/play/record buttons and a large 10-digits timecode display, which can be toggled between SMPTE and Bar/Beats using the TC/BARS button. Surface has 4-direction buttons you can use to navigate between various visual items in your DAW, the behavior is DAW specific. With the Zoom button engaged, direction buttons enable to zoom in/out certain views of your DAW.The jog wheel on the right usually moves the current cursor position in your DAW. With the Scrub button engaged, the DAW usually plays what is found at the current cursor location while the wheel is being moved. Again, the behavior here depends on the DAW being used.

On top of the controller is the LCD screen, which can display track names or various other information such as current track volume when moving a fader or current pan position when moving a pan knob. The behavior is DAW dependent.

You will find an INIT button on the top/right of the controller screen. This is used to make the DAW and Surface in sync. with respect the track states. This initialization procedure is also automatically operated when opening Surface. Among other things, INIT will move back to the first track bank.

Panel View

From the Mixer View, you access the Panel View by pressing the PANEL button. The TRACKS buttons on the Panel View lets you go back to the Mixer View.

The Panel Vew presents 12 banks of 8 tracks (i.e. 96 tracks). Just tap on a bank to make it the active bank. When active, the bank displays status information such as sel/rec/mute/solo.

The Panel View also includes a transport bar similar to the Mixer View.

When a bank is selected, tapping on a track button opens a menu from which the track can be selected/muted/soloed or put into record mode pressing the appropriate button.

For more information about usage of this controller, check out the eyoControl set up guidelines and learn how to set up your DAW software for Surface on the DAW Support page.

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