Pad is a MIDI controller part of eyoControl suited to play drum or percussion parts.

  • 4,6,8 or 12 pads on screen.
  • tap-position sensitive (controls velocity).
  • each pad can be assigned a custom color/MIDI channel/octave/note.
  • multi-touch (several pads can be touched simultaneously).
  • global velocity slider.
  • optional Fast Input Mode to prevent misses on very fast touches.
  • support for Portrait and Landscape orientations.
  • VoiceOver support.

Pad is a MIDI controller, it does not generate any sound itself, but the ones of your DAW software or synthesizer.

Tap the number buttons 4,6,8,12 to display as many pads on the screen.

The Global Velocity slider, whose effect is common to all the pads, adds up to the velocity control of the individual pads. It enables progressive fading in/out during play.

Tap the EDIT button to enter Edition mode. From there the MIDI channel, octave, note and color can be edited for each pad. Tap the LEAVE button to leave Edition mode.

The Fast Input Mode toggle (off by default) can help to prevent tap misses when tapping very fast on pads. Using such gestures, fingers frequently slip on the controller’s surface generating move events which are not considered as taps, leading to misses. When Fast Input Mode is enabled, the controller will try to compensate for those move events by generating extra taps. Usually you shouldn’t need this mode, but if you experience tap misses, try to enable it.

In addition to the Global Velocity slider, the velocity level issued with a MIDI note is modulated by the position at where in a pad area the touch is being made. The center of the pad will produce higher velocity levels than edges.

For more information about usage of this controller, check out the eyoControl set up guidelines.

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