Keys is a dual-keyboard MIDI controller part of eyoControl.

  • two keyboards.
  • each keyboard can be assigned an independent MIDI channel.
  • access to the full range of MIDI notes (11 octaves).
  • 3 key widths per keyboard: small, medium, large.
  • multi-touch (several keys can be touched simultaneously).
  • configurable white and black key colors.
  • global velocity slider for each keyboard.
  • VoiceOver support.
  • support for Portrait and Landscape orientations.

Keys is a MIDI controller, it does not generate any sound by itself but triggers those of your DAW software or synthesizer.

The control area on the top of each keyboard includes:

  • a velocity slider, to modulate the velocity of the sent MIDI notes.
  • a key width selector (Small, Medium, Large).
  • an octave selector; tap on the selector to determine the note range the keyboard can currently play. The larger the keys, the smaller the range.

Three key widths, selectable independently for each keyboard.

Tap the “E” button to enter Edition mode. From there, the MIDI channel and colors of white and black keys can be selected. Type “E” again to leave the Edition mode.

For more information about usage of this controller, check out the eyoControl set up guidelines.

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