eyoControl Connectivity

Connecting to a MIDI instrument

This feature requires eyoControl 1.5 or above. Use a CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface for the iPad, or the iPad Camera Connection Kit and a USB-to-MIDI cable to connect your iPad to your MIDI instrument. Then, when a controller is being launched, if a local MIDI connection is detected, it takes precedence over any other wireless connection. So there is nothing specific to configure in eyoControl to have it working with your MIDI instrument, just have it connected to your iPad as mentioned above and open a controller.

Virtual MIDI: using eyoControl as a controller to other iPad audio apps

The instrument-type controllers of eyocontrol such as Keys, Pad or mXY can be used to control another iPad audio app, such as a synthesizer, running in the background. For this to work, the audio app has to support Virtual MIDI and background audio. Please check this page for a list of apps supporting Virtual MIDI. Just let your audio app supporting Virtual MIDI run in the background (with background audio turned on), then open a controller in eyoControl, which should now control the audio app. This way Keys can play the sounds of your synth app, Pad can play drum sounds as long as the background audio app provides them, mXY can control Pitch Bend/Modulation and much more…

Connecting to your computer for usage with a DAW (sequencer) software

eyoControl can connect to your workstation either through the native iPad wireless MIDI capabilities (CoreMIDI) or eyoControl Server (Mac only). Both connection means have pros and cons, you will find here information to determine which connectivity option will best suit your needs.

Functionality native MIDI eyoControl Server
Mac OS X support YES
(10.4 or above)
(10.5 or above)
Windows XP/Vista/7 support YES
(through third-party software)
Requires third-party software NO (on Mac) / YES (on Windows) YES (eyoControl Server)
Independent MIDI port per controller NO YES
Preserve MIDI port assignments per controller/user NO YES
Several controllers per MIDI port YES NO (1)
Enable connectivity to a specific set of clients YES NO
Simplified setup NO (2) YES

(1) eyoControl Server support for aggregating several controllers on a single MIDI port is planned for a future update.

(2) Setup and change of controller is not that convenient when using native MIDI, for the following reasons:

  • even though it is possible to create several networking MIDI sessions when using native MIDI, they are not distinguished on a controller basis but on a device basis. If you want to use both Sufrace and a virtual instrument controller on the same iPad, you may have toggle on/off network sessions so they don’t interfere with each other. There is no such issue when using eyoControl Server, as Surface and instrument controllers are mapped to independent MIDI ports, the DAW setup can then be left unchanged.
  • you must be at your computer to click the “Connect” button on the networking MIDI setup utility to establish the connection with the iPad. This is made without user intervention when using eyoControl Server.

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