eyoControl Server revision history

eyoControl Server can be downloaded here.

eyoControl Server 1.0.4
- stabilized connection handling with clients.
- fixed a connection issue with eyoControl clients in certain conditions such as when computer would be put to sleep or inactive for a long period of time.

eyoControl Server 1.0.3
- compatibility update for eyoControl 1.2.
- disabled timecode filtering.

eyoControl Server 1.0.2
- added support for DAW type change initiated by client.
- improved MIDI input handling.
- fix for random controller disconnections.
- fixed a minor issue where two DAW types could both have a check mark in the DAW type list of control surface controllers.

eyoControl Server 1.0.1
- added support for REAPER DAW.

eyoControl Server 1.0.0
- initial release.

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