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eyoControl 1.6 is available on the App Store and is built for iOS 7. It also contains several enhancements to Voice Over support in the Surface controller. In particular the LCD area, timecode area, faders and knobs report more comprehensive … Continue reading

This release provides a few fixes, and you can now connect Surface or Transport directly to a local MIDI interface.

eyoControl 1.5.2, adding support for iOS 6, has been released today to the App Store. Also, both eyoControl and miniyo-T have a new (lower!) pricing.

IK Multimedia is featuring eyoControl as iRig MIDI App of the Week! See their news here and here.

The miniyo-T 1.0.2 update improves support for several DAWs, in particular Live and Studio One now have a dedicated DAW type (previously were mapped to Generic). Make sure you have the right DAW selected in the miniyo-T Preferences. Go get … Continue reading

miniyo-T is now released and you can download it from the App Store, go get it!

Did you know eyoControl could control other audio apps running on your iPad such as synthesizers? It is very simple to set up, as mentioned on the Connectivity page: let the audio app supporting Virtual MIDI (iDesignSound has a nice … Continue reading

Thanksgiving sale, eyoControl is 50% Off the regular price until Nov. 28th, 2011!. Go get it on the App Store and spread the word…

Benziz invited us to his music place where he played with eyoControl using synthesizers and samplers. We connected iPads to the MIDI ports of the various instruments using the iRig MIDI interface, which is CoreMIDI compatible so just works with … Continue reading