There can be an intermittent issue when saving settings with mXY in eyoControl 1.1.0, will provide a fix ASAP, sorry for the inconvenience…

eyoControl 1.1 is now available on the AppStore! This update includes a new controller, mXY, a multi X/Y controller for which you can read the details here. Also, CoreMIDI is implemented so you can now connect eyoControl to your computer without using eyoControl Server. And thanks to rtpMIDI from Tobias Erichsen, eyoControl can now be used with DAW software running on Windows XP/Vista/7.

The website has reveived an update, in particular you may want to check out these updated pages:
- setting up eyoControl through either native MIDI or eyoControl Server.
- if you are on Mac, this page about connectivity can help you choosing between using native MIDI or eyoControl Server.
- the DAW support page has been updated.
- the new page dedicated to mXY.

If you are upgrading from eyoControl v1.0.1, eyoControl will try to connect to eyoControl Server by default. In order to use native MIDI, you must go to the eyoControl Preferences view (tap button on top-right corner or the main eyoControl Library view) and turn ON the switch called “Use native MIDI”. Follow the instructions here to set up native MIDI connectivity.

I have posted a maintenance update for eyoControl Server (1.0.2). It fixes a couple of issues and adds support for the upcoming eyoControl version. You can read the details on the revision history page.

A short update: target date for the next eyoControl release is January/early February 2011. Features will be:
- one new controller.
- iOS Core MIDI support: this will provide connectivity to your DAW without requiring eyoControl Server. eyoControl Server will still be supported though, and still provide the best experience to use eyoControl. I will update on the pros and cons of using Core MIDI vs. eyoControl Server when the new version will be out.

Until then, best wishes for the new year!

Now eyoControl is out, let me update you on what will come next. Firstly, a new controller is currently in the works, and will probably be available in the next update. I will not disclose too much about it for the moment, but can tell it will have a good degree of flexibility/configurability for a controller of its kind.

Surface will receive updates over the next releases. The point is to complete its feature set to bring it closer to comparable control surfaces. Also, some performance aspects will be addressed.

At the general eyoControl level, there are plans to bring fast switching from one controller to the other, and enable a single instance of eyoControl to be seen by eyoControl Server as multiple clients (one per controller, each controller its own MIDI port).

Lastly but not least, iOS 4.2 brought built-in wireless MIDI capabilities. eyoControl is not currently supporting this, as bypassing eyoControl Server would somewhat reduce its feature set. This would however bring an alternate connectivity option as well as Windows compatibility, so support for this feature may come at some point in eyoControl.

We’d love to hear what you would like eyoControl to support in terms of controllers and features, do not hesitate to drop us an email from the contact page!

eyoControl is now available on the AppStore, go get it here!

I also set up a video on the home page so you can see what it looks like.

eyoControl has been submitted to the AppStore! I will update here with information on the release date as things progress.