iOS 5 introduces a new feature called Multitasking Gestures, enabling to control certain iPad behaviors with gestures. When enabled, this functionality can reduce the reactivity of eyoControl for touch-related operations or lead to unwanted behaviors, such as raising the task bar or changing app while playing. For optimal performance with eyoControl, we recommend to turn this feature off from the system’s Preferences / General / Multitasking Gestures option switch.

2496audio has posted a review (in Spanish) of eyoControl, check it out here.

As promised, a new revision of eyoControl is out and this is a rather big update: all new graphics (the website got some too!), local MIDI connectivity, VoiceOver support and more. These items plus others as detailed below respond to feedbacks we received from users since the 1.0 release, even though we could not cover them all in this update. So many thanks to those of you who took the time to send us their remarks, and we hope to receive even more so eyoControl can better respond to your needs. Also, you can watch a new demo video on the EyosidoSoft Youtube channel.

Here’s the detail of what’s new in eyoControl 1.5:

- New graphics to the app and most of its controllers.

- Local MIDI interface connectivity support: connecting your iPad to your synthesizer through an iPad MIDI interface or a USB to MIDI cable, you can then use mXY, Pad or Keys to control your MIDI instrument.

- Accessibility support through VoiceOver in the app and all its controllers so eyoControl can be used by the vision-impaired.

- New in Surface controller:
    . New visual design.
    . VoiceOver support: user interface elements report their name and function where applicable. Faders, knobs and sliders provide their current position, and context sensitive buttons such as track buttons report their current state. On the Panel page, banks report their number and content once enabled.
    . Larger Timecode display and scrub wheel.
    . Timecode display can now be switched between SMPTE and Bar/Beats.
    . Auto-init at startup (same as the INIT button but automatically called when launching the controller).
    . Next/Previous bank buttons (alternative to swipe on the fader area).
    . Track meters display can be toggled on/off.

- New in Pad controller:
    . New visual design.
    . New input implementation, more reactive and latency effective.
    . VoiceOver support: each pad reports its currently assigned note, velocity slider reports its current position.
    . Support for multi-taps on a single pad.
    . Optional Fast Input Mode to prevent misses on very fast touches.
    . Pads are now colored by default.

- New in Keys controller:
    . New visual design.
    . New input implementation, more reactive and latency effective.
    . VoiceOver support: the octave selector reports which octave is currently being touched, each keyboard key reports its assigned note, velocity sliders report their current position.

- New in Transport controller:
    . Undo button for Marker operations (support is DAW dependent).
    . New button to toggle timecode display between SMPTE and Bar/Beats.
    . New scrub wheel visual design.
    . VoiceOver support.

- New in mXY controller:
    . Default settings have been updated with different MIDI Continuous Controllers for each X/Y controller. Also the four X/Y controllers are now presented by default.
    . VoiceOver support.
    . Minor visual update.

- Top-right connection icon on controllers is now visible only when connecting to eyoControl Server.

- Fixed display glitches when starting a controller in landscape orientation.

eyoControl Server 1.0.4 is available for download. It fixes a long time connectivity issue with clients, this upgrade is a must-have for eyoControl Server users.

On the eyoControl side, an update is currently is the works. No new controller this time, but several aspects are being revised and improved. Expect the new revision to be out this summer.

eyoControl 1.2 is now available on the AppStore, here is what’s new:

  • Transport, new controller: transport bar with big scrub wheel and large timecode display, to remotely control basic playing/recording abilities of your DAW/recording software. See details here.
  • Surface v1.2:
    . improved timecode display (all digits, better accuracy).
    . better scrub wheel behavior (similar to Transport).
    . slight graphic update, few items moved around.
  • iPad does not go idle anymore while controllers are running.
  • controller’s orientation can be locked in any orientation mode from Preferences.
  • eyoControl Server mode: the default eyoControl instance name is no more a random name but the iPad’s name.
  • smaller controller icons on the Library page.
  • help button on top of the Library page.
  • fixes for app staying long periods in background.

Users of the optional eyoControl Server must upgrade to the latest version.

Transport is the upcoming addition to the set of eyoControl’s MIDI controllers for the iPad. This simple yet effective transport bar will enable you to control basic playing abilities of your DAW or recorder software, in the studio or live environments. Transport is born from a collaboration between Eyosido Software and professional audio software developer Vincent Burel (vb-audio).

- large timecode display, supporting multiple timecode formats and state indicators.
- large Play/Stop/Record/Fast Forward/Rewind buttons.
- a BIG, accurate scrub wheel, with associated scrub button.
- landscape and portrait orientations (lockable).
- enable/disable loop mode.
- mark beginning and end of loops.
- set/clear markers and navigate over them (prev/next).
- Wifi CoreMIDI compatible (Mac/Windows).

Coming Q2 2011.

MusicTech magazine has published a positive review of eyoControl in their March issue (Mobile Tech section), you can check it out on their website.

On the update side, enhancements to Surface are in progress but will be somewhat delayed, and a new controller is in the works, so stay tuned!

The App Whisperer mentions eyoControl in a selection of Top 10 MIDI controller apps for the iPad.

Plan for the next update of eyoControl will include enhancements to Surface, this is currently in the works and release date should be this month or early March.

eyoControl 1.1.1 is now available on the AppStore. It fixes a few issues with mXY, including saving settings. Please upgrade!