eyoControl Transport coming…

Transport is the upcoming addition to the set of eyoControl’s MIDI controllers for the iPad. This simple yet effective transport bar will enable you to control basic playing abilities of your DAW or recorder software, in the studio or live environments. Transport is born from a collaboration between Eyosido Software and professional audio software developer Vincent Burel (vb-audio).

- large timecode display, supporting multiple timecode formats and state indicators.
- large Play/Stop/Record/Fast Forward/Rewind buttons.
- a BIG, accurate scrub wheel, with associated scrub button.
- landscape and portrait orientations (lockable).
- enable/disable loop mode.
- mark beginning and end of loops.
- set/clear markers and navigate over them (prev/next).
- Wifi CoreMIDI compatible (Mac/Windows).

Coming Q2 2011.

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